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Mahmoud Darwish in Haifa 1963 - Taken from Asad AbuKhalil Page

Young People of Iran

A small Palestinian boy lies on a sofa while the Israeli bombardment of Gaza lights up the window behind him. July 29, 2014.
(Source) (Photo Credit: Suha Najjar)

We are united in our differences: Introducing One Hamsa. 
Among the growing number of translations we’ve received, we found it to be no coincidence that we were sent both Hebrew and Arabic translations at nearly the same time. We paired these languages with the hamsa, a non-religious symbol of protection, blessings, power and strength that is recognized across the entire Middle East.
The calligraphic design, created by Josh Berer, brings the blue Hebrew text and green Arabic texts together to fill the iconic symbol.
Ten percent of all sales from this poster will go to Seeds of Peace, which aims to equip new generations with the “skills needed to advance lasting peace.”

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Princess Ameerah.- her new profile picture on twitter.